Road Trip India Classic Car Touring

Take the driving seat to enjoy the romance of India at your own speed

India Classic Car Rally

New for 2011 is RoadTrip India, two to three week tours using modern but simple GPS navigation to get you to your destination. You drive through exciting countryside, have the chance to stop in any village, talk to the locals, learn about India first hand, and bring back unique memories and photographs .

RoadTrip India is a new concept and a new way to enjoy your Indian adventure. For the first time we have created a system for you to find your way round the intricacies and mysteries of the Indian road system. Until now a trip like this on your own was unthinkable and only available as an escorted trip in some form or another.

How Does It Work?

India Classic Car Rally

In simple terms, you fly to India and we hand over the keys of your vehicle that you drive on a predetermined route. Have a great holiday and return the car to us.

The tour starts when we meet you at the airport and take you to a 5 Star hotel in Delhi. There is history all around and we provide a tour of the capital as part of the package. After a comprehensive introduction to the car and GPS navigation system you then have the open road to explore.

India Classic Car Rally

Once on the road our system will get you from palace to hotel to luxury camp with the aid of simple GPS technology and a comprehensive Roadbook. At last you have the freedom of the open roads of India to explore this extraordinary sub-continent at your speed, stop at the sites that interest you and bring back your unique memories of an amazing road trip. Included in the cost of your tour is all your accommodation, the hire car (4x4 or Ambassador depending on your route and preferences), 24-hour backup, a meal package, sightseeing tours, great roads, unforgettable scenery and experiences - not to mention the journey of a lifetime.

We have devised routes through the majesty of royal Rajasthan, across the Himalayas in search of Shangri La, through Kipling Country and back into the history of this extraordinary country.

India Classic Car Rally

There are a few set date departures which coincide with local festivals but if you and your friends would like to go at a different time to suit you, then there is a range of dates for you to choose from.

In the summer months we have trips through the Himalayas before the snows make the passes impassable, while in the winter months you can enjoy the barmy days and cooler evenings of the plains and jungles.

Our comprehensive vehicle insurance cover gives you peace of mind, as will our agents in each town you will be visiting. If you have any problems or questions they are on hand to help. We will make some suggestions about places to visit and places to eat but the decision is yours.